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The Healing Power of Sexual Energy



Most of us are in a state of hysteria about our sexuality and our pelvises.  We are intimidated by everything about them.  In my years of working, learning, teaching, and devoting my life to my work - this is the only area (literally and figuratively) that has ever brought about anger, cynicism, fear, threats of physical violence, aspersions about my character and intention - you get the idea.  (All of these are first chakra pathologies, by the way, as we saw on the previous page.)  I can promise you that if I am ever jailed, persecuted, shot - whatever - for my work, beliefs, etc., the nominal reason will have something to do with someone's pelvis, and about what they perceive to be my intentions regarding it. 


You cannot be kind to a mean person; you can't be generous to a stingy person, and you cannot be straightforward to a cynic.  The murderer thinks that everyone is out to kill him; the thief lives in a world of robbers.  A pickpocket can look at a saint, and all he will see is his pockets.  Your every action is tainted by the perspective of the person towards whom you make it.  (See the mysticism page.)  If someone needs you to be evil badly enough, they will make it their reality - just ask the man who killed Gandhi, or Martin Luther King, or Abraham Lincoln or the people who killed Jesus . . .


So many people have aggressively unhealthy issues regarding their sexual energy - the only reason we don't see it is because the subject is so taboo.  This, of course, causes these issues to fester. 


Even though the "sexual energy" aspect of my work is a very small portion of it, in the minds of people who have these deep-set issues - that is all I am.  The mere mention of my views brings out all sorts of things in people, so I present the following to you with some caution.   On the other hand, the people who figure it out unlock all of their personal power.  They begin to get happy, relate to people differently, actors get the role, salespeople get the sale, lonely people find connection - people change their body health, size and shape - you name it - it all happens by releasing the clenched up energy of the root chakra, which has a sexual energy component.  Empower yourself!


The following information is designed at a "PG" level.  While it deals with themes that are not for the immature, it should be acceptable in content for all kids who are old enough to read it.




Clean and Divine


Let's start at the beginning - your beginning . . .


You arrived into this incarnation via your mother's pelvis (even if you were a c-section - that's just the top of the pelvis).  Everything was beautiful and holy about that event.  When you were a 1-year old, one day while toddling about the house, your hand went down into your soiled diaper.  Momma saw, and immediately ran over, pulled your hand out, and ran to the bathroom with you.  She shouted, "No!  That's dirty!  Nasty!  Yucky", and she took you right to the sink to wash your hands.  About that time you thought, "Hmm, Mom always cuddles me and tells me that I have such cute little eyes and fingers and toes, and such a pretty little smile, but God must have made a mistake at the bottom of me.  He made a dirty, nasty part."  Within a year, your first one! - pelvises and crotches went from beautiful and holy to ugly, sinful and disgusting.


Fast forward 10 years, and now you're learning that this area of you is dirty and nasty for a whole new set of reasons.  By the time we hit puberty, we've gotten so hysterical about our crotches that most of us never recover.


By the senior years, according to doctors, peoples' "plumbing" just gives out.  Prostate problems, uterine problems, low intestinal issues, orifice prolapses, leaky faucets, "Depends" underwear .  . .  Medical doctors will tell you that the area just isn't engineered to last that long.  I contend to you that the area is engineered just fine; it's the lifelong hysteria that has deteriorated your crotch.  What do you think? 





Learning about Sex from Celibate Mystics


Meanwhile, somewhere in the woods in India, there is a swami meditating.  He's naked, and very comfortable with everything in his body - pelvis included.  He knows all about his sexual energy, but here's the catch.  He's a tantra swami - 90 years old, and he's a virgin.  He understands his crotch AND his sexuality, but he has no understanding about libido.  This is a very difficult concept for most people, which is precisely why most people are sick and disempowered.  


And this swami is powerful - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually - every way!   He is psychic and mystical.  His root chakra is open and processing power upwards.  For us to be truly empowered to make all of our dreams, hopes and aspirations come true, we must understand what the swami knows.  This is what is at the root (pun intended) of the healing power of sexual energy.


The swami has mastered the power in his sexual energy through celibacy.  Fortunately (perhaps) for you, celibacy is not necessary.  However, if you are controlled by your appetites and desires, there is no need to bother with any of this business - chakras, auras, root chakras, mysticism - it's all a bunch of nonsense if you are out of control or acting out or all stopped up or dysfunctional.





Transcending or Running in Fear?


Most people are intimidated by their own energy - add sexuality to the mix, and the intimidation goes up hyperbolically.  Sexual deviance,  fetishism and the like are all just a result of this hysteria routing the energy into unnatural directions.  That tantra swami we just read about has found peace and mastered the power in his sexual energy by transcending his libido.  This brings to mind things like child-molesting priests - why didn't it work for them?  The answer is simple, because they never transcended in the first place.  Rather, they ran in fear from their sexual energy - avoiding it rather than bravely moving through it.  Avoidance is not transcendence.


So a sweet and spiritual young man who is traumatized by his own sexuality decides to deal with it by running from it - running into the arms of the seminary.  As a young priest, he begins to think he has solved his problem in shelter of God and his faith, but he is still running - until finally it catches him, and thinking that he has transcended, he has no way of dealing with it, so it takes him over, and leads him to depravity.  It is a sad story of a good person who traps himself into becoming an evil person.


On lesser levels, there are all sorts of kinks and oddities out there - before being too sanctimonious, condescending and/or judgmental, take a look at yourself.  What are you running from?  What are you running towards?





Sexual Appetite


The language of sexual energy is not a lot different that the language of digestion.  We can have a large appetite or a small one.  We enjoy partaking of some things more than others.  Some people eat voraciously, some peck like birds.  Some folks like spicy, others prefer bland.  On the other side of digestion, some people tend towards constipation, and others towards diarrhea.  We know we are healthy when we are balanced - not too much one way or the other. 


Some people are sexually "shut down".  They are intimidated by the whole concept, and think of it as something dirty or bad.  They act as though the rest of them may have been made by God, but all sexual thought is the devil's work.  Any enjoyment, which is rare and stifled, must be repented for later.  This is sexual constipation.  Other people brag about their sex lives.  Maybe you've had a friend or acquaintance like that.  "Me and my little honey have sex every day, and twice on weekends and holidays".  That's not healthy, that's diarrhea.  If they were getting nutrition from their sexuality, and not just crapping it right out of them, they wouldn't be hungry all the time.


As mentioned, you do not need to be celibate to connect to the life-transforming power of sexual energy - but you do need to be balanced; neither shut down nor acting out.  Once you achieve this balance, then you'll be able open the root and second chakras.  So if you think, "There's nothing wrong with my sexual energy, I'm completely functional" . . . well maybe so or maybe not.


If you want to find out how someone feels about themselves, you could ask them how they feel about food.  If you knew them well enough, you would get a lot clearer picture by asking them how they feel about their genitalia. 





Sex and the First and Second Chakras


Sexuality is largely a first chakra thing - it is a primal drive, not much different in concept from the need for air, food, shelter and so on.  Some folks will say, "Oh! The second (pelvic) chakra is the sex chakra."  This is only partially true, and is an indication that the person saying it doesn't know what they are talking about!  The second chakra is the chakra of tactile feelings.  It is the chakra of healthy relationships with healthy, available people - all close relationships; friends, close family, etc.  If you are healthy and capable of healthy relationships, one of them will be with a romantic partner, and that is the second chakra aspect of sexuality.


[NOTE:  Please remember not to over classify - all of this chakra business is very iterative.  The desire to categorize and compartmentalize is counter-productive to the goal of perfect health, which is to unify and blur the distinctions.]


The second chakra does have plenty to do with feeling good - in the tactile sense.  The second chakra is the chakra of the emotional body, and of pleasurable sensation; the enjoyment of a fine meal, the feel of a breeze across your face, the feel of the morning dew on your bare feet - things like that.  As your first and second chakra open, your capacity to feel good increases, and you feel better - all of the time.  So if the root chakra has to do with how unpleasant the itch is, the second chakra is about how good the scratch feels. 


A lot of what is tied into our sexual identity is ego; more specifically a distorted ego - a distorted sense of one's own importance.  This is a first-and-second chakra issue, too.  It is bound up in anger, fear and cynicism, topped by the inability to see people as they are, without assigning some sort of sinister intention towards them, and then by attracting flawed people who will "confirm" your distorted picture.   People who are damaged in this way have a disproportional opinion of what they would call their "desirability".  To put it more plainly, they think that everybody is hot for them - that they are "all that". 


But it's even worse than that.  Add to this the marketed view of what beauty is - what is sold on billboards, in girly magazines for men (ie porn), girly magazines for women (ie fashion magazines) - and people are led to believe that this is what people, society, God, etc. values you for.  Why be a good person? - just be pretty - objectify yourself, then hate everyone for treating you like an object.


This is a sad indictment not only upon the individual, but upon our society as a whole.  On a personal note, nothing could be more obnoxious and off-putting than this "I'm-so-hot--I've-got-it-and-everybody-wants-it" mentality.  It's pitiful and pathetic, and there is nothing at all appealing about being pathetic - unless you are attracting equally pathetic and pathological creatures into your life.  Please don't be this person.


Don't get me wrong.  It is very healthy to want to look nice - to be handsome or pretty or whatever.  But this is not what makes you good or bad.  Be balanced.  Be healthy.





You Are Your Healer, You Are Your Slayer



Remember, as we saw on the mysticism page, anything that has the power to heal has the power to harm, even to kill.  Sex is a great example of that; it can create life or end it.  That's powerful!  So examine what you think and how you feel about your sexual organs and your root chakra.  It will change your life.



Sexual energy is like high voltage wiring - it is like a wild stallion.  If you can master it, you have great power.  The first thing you have to do is "get over your self" - before you even get to the starting line.  Then, if you want to transcend . . . if you want to do things that you've never been able to do before, succeed like you've never succeeded before . . . if you want to enjoy heath, growth and self improvement that most people never realize, you'll want to do things that most people never do, go  places where most people fear to go.  You must shake off the comfort of dull mediocrity.  You can do it!





Now that you've understood this and all of the previous pages, it begins to be clear who built you.  You did! . . . precisely and meticulously to your own specifications.  You and you only are the one to congratulate or the only one to blame.  Want to find out more specifically what you've done, how you've done it, and what to do about it now?  Click the link below.



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