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What Color is My Aura?




This is one of those questions.  People often wonder what color their aura is, but it is a question that doesn't make a lot of sense really.  You can cruise the web, and find sites that will tell you what if means if your aura is fuchsia, or chartreuse, or periwinkle - or whatever.  The color of your aura doesn't matter, but there are things about it that do.  If you are speaking to someone who claims to see auras, and they are talking to you about colors like mauve and lavender, what they are telling you is that not only do they not know what color your aura is, they don't know what an aura is.


You know what?  You don't really have an aura - not in the way most people think of it.  But what you do have certainly does say a lot about you.  We're about to clarify all of this . . .





Energy Fields Forever


Every machine has an energy field.  If you go to many factories,  they have meters for measuring the energy fields around machines.  These energy fields, by the way, are the reason people who live around power plants and huge electrical transformers have been discovered to have higher rates of cancer.  (Yet more evidence that the visible is completely under the influence of the invisible.  How much proof do you need?)  Energy fields can either be in-phase and harmonious with you, or out of phase and destructive.  (This is why you don't want to get out-of-phase with your brujo - see the previous page.)

Every energy field has a proportional magnetic field that runs perpendicular to it - always.  Ask any scientist - this is elementary physics; not mysticism.  The interaction between these two fields creates a cocoon-like "cloud" around anything that has either electrical or magnetic power in it.

So what does this have to do with auras?  Well your physical body is a machine - it performs work, consumes fuel, consumes and generates energy and produces bi-products and waste materials just like any other machine.  So it has an energy field around it, too, and if you have a sensitive enough meter, you can measure it.


So how come some people see auras while most others do not?

If you've ever taken high school physics, you know that the visible spectrum of frequencies is just a tiny subset of the universe of energy waves.  Light is just a visible (in a way) energy wave - and most energy waves are invisible.  Examples of invisible waves include radio signals, cell phone signals, infra-red light, ultra-violet light - the list goes on infinitely - and every time we turn on the radio or receive a mobile-phone call, we know these things are very real.  Can you draw a picture of what is inside the microwave oven that cooks your frozen dinner?  Even though we cannot see invisible waves, we have evidence of their existence.  The only difference between you and a dead person is some invisible, indefinable something - and when that invisible something leaves you, you're dead, too!  That invisible something inside you generates a field that forms an "eggshell" of sorts around the outside of you.  But you don't have to be human to have an energy field; you don't even have to be a living thing.  Anything (human, plant, machine, anything that plugs in or runs on a battery) with an energy current running through it has an energy field around it.  Those cocoon like fields around machines and people are invisible frequencies, too - except to some. 

You are familiar with color blindness - where some people cannot see the full of visible light, so that colors are identified differently by the brain.  Some people have the opposite phenomenon - where they see everyone else's entire visible fields, and a little more.  That little bit more includes the ability to see energy fields around machines . . . and humans (and animals and plants and other living things).

Auras do NOT look like something out of a Photoshop program.  Auras, not being really physical things - are very hard to draw so that people who have not seen them can understand them.  This is why most aura drawings (chakra drawings, too) are incorrect in the photorealistic sense.  They are just models designed to present a conceptual idea.  Have you ever noticed the wavy lines over your car hood on a hot day?   Auras look a lot more like that.  Auras DO have colors - and they have layers.


So just what are auras and why are there layers?

Actually, we do not have AN aura at all. If you believe the old mystics, we have a number of bodies.  We have a physical one, and a bunch of concurrent non-physical ones.  What we call "the aura" is a series of what the old mystics called "subtle bodies".  We'll learn next page that each of the seven main chakras is the energy reflex for one of these layers.  (The root chakra maps to the physical body.)  But we're getting ahead of ourselves.  Each layer of aura is an individual non-physical body, and as we move out, they become more and more subtle (and less and less visible to "seers".) 

The first body is our physical body - easy enough - most people see them.  So the first aura layer is our second body (mapping to our second chakra) and so on.  I realize that I am getting complicated here - but you asked!  Let's make it more simple . . .

The first aura layer has a bluish shade - on everyone - and goes out about a centimeter or so from the body.  On healthy people, this blue is a brilliant sky blue to royal blue shade.  On people who are sad, bad or sick - they layer takes on a lackluster grayish color - or an ugly smoggy exhaust-pipe-smoke appearance.  Out of this layer shines another layer which is a golden-to-yellow color.  If you are healthy physically-mentally-emotionally-spiritually, this portion of the aura is effulgent like golden sunshine.   If you are not so healthy, it can take on an ugly vomit (sorry) bile shade.

On top of this layer is a third layer that is more of an effervescent, shimmery - sort of a morphing multi-colored thing.  It is somewhat like an energetic mood ring - and is not the same color for long.  This is the layer the one to which the "what-color-is-my-aura" people refer - but they obviously have never seen it or don't understand it - because it can be green today and tan tomorrow.

 What matters is the brilliance of the first two layers.  Like the knobs on older color TV sets - the intensity can fade to nearly a black-&-white appearance, and can fade down to where you can hardly see it - or it can shine out brightly and strongly.

As is the case with all machines, if the human body energy wanes, the aura goes down, or gets dimmer or grayer in appearance.  This does not just happen in total, but localizes.  So if your intestines are a little sluggish, the aura will be dimmer (relative to the rest of you) around that part of you.  If a part of you is inflamed, the aura in that area can have an almost sunburned red appearance.  Again, please understand that these descriptions are to be taken conceptually or figuratively; not literally or photo-realistically.

So if someone says to you, "Your aura is gray in your low back", they could be seeing a kidney issue, an intestinal issue, a reproductive system issue, a lumbar spine issue - all depending upon the individual characteristics of the graying appearance.  It may take even the gifted seer a few minutes to sort it out, but given time and a bit of Q&A, he or she will.  If you resonate with it, and want to get better, then listen to what that person says, and do what they tell you!


Many people refer to the chakra and nadi system as the skeleton of the aura.  So you may want to see what supports this aura by clicking the button below.





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